Hi. I’m Staci Troilo, writer and editor.

I’ve had a love for words since I was two years old and learned how to spell “Valentine” and read Dr. Seuss. Almost two decades later, I earned my master’s degree in writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

I’ve been writing and editing professionally ever since.

My philosophy is simple: write well.

Not everyone has the tools or the time to do so. That’s where I come in.

My passion is conveying information in a clear, concise way so readers can easily glean meaning. Whether that means I write it from scratch or edit it after the fact, my goal is to make your message shine.

What People Say

“Staci Troilo edited my book ROAR: Overcome Obstacles in 3 Simple Steps, and I have to say, she is AMAZING! She took my text, and added bullets, subheads, and pull quotes to make the material much easier for readers to consume, all without making any changes to my voice or style. Plus, she still caught any of my grammar foibles (I have a tendency to overuse commas and the word ‘that’, not to mention the dreaded indefinite singular pronoun) as well as the stray typo. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend her!”

— Jennifer Dunne
Data scientist who used my freelance editing service.

• • • • • • • • •

“I’ve known Staci for close to ten years [in 2013]. I worked with her at Robicon (now a Siemens division). She has a rare combination technical and creative skills and excelled at helping translate complex product features and benefits into compelling deliverables that helped a small business grow significantly.”

— Rick Wirth
Former Marketing Communications Manager at Robicon. Also hired me for a freelance project when he worked at Duke Solutions.

• • • • • • • • •

“Staci Troilo is a superb editor who understands the creative process, offering suggestions without stepping the artistic choices of the author. She’s thorough, efficient, and sensitive. She’s also knowledgeable in the mechanics of all aspects of writing. I highly recommend her as an editor for any task, and plan to continue using her as an editor.”

— Patricia Zick
Novelist who used my freelance editing service.

• • • • • • • • •

Read my resume and the rest of my recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

You might not like to write and edit, but it’s my life’s passion. I’m happy to do it for you.

Let’s make something
amazing together.

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